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Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 18:30:09 GMT

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    From: Grant Callaghan <>
    I feel sorry for the
    > children who followed their instincts to their deaths, but I don't really
    > see any deep psychological underpinning for it. To me it looks a lot like
    > what happens when a child dashes in front of a car or falls into a
    > pool and drowns -- an unfortunate accident. We can't child-proof the
    > to avoid them.

    Hi Grant,

    I feel sorry too ! My understanding of the facts are quite the same except
    for not seeing any deep psychological underpinning for it.
    I stand convinced of the fact that in many cultures children were not to be
    harmed, more for moral and ethical reasons than for the being of the kid
    itself. In a sense we, the eldery/ the parents always discharge children
    any responsibility. We are trying to make the world child- proof in a very
    extreme way...
    It is my view that ( Lamarckian) memetic inheritance, that is, inheritance
    of thoughts, insights, opinions,... are part of the puzzle !
    It all boils down to the point that the concept of natural selection is just
    another favorable mutation in extremis chosen by a particular memetic

    Moreover, there is nothing wrong with the view that even certain or par-
    ticular behavioral traits of which we think they are promoted by natural
    selection are in fact already ' chosen mutations '. Investigators would see
    those as outcomes of a Darwinian natural selection process where in fact
    a Lamarckian one holds the key.
    It is my suggestion that memecomplexes/ brainstructures may have
    mechanisms fo choosing which memes suits best.

    Thanks for the link,



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