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    >From: "Paul Marsden" <>
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    >Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 13:48:34 -0000
    >Kas Graham of kindly forwarded a link to today's BBC
    >news report of what appears to be an example of contagion (thank you Kas).
    >I wonder if anyone seriously thinks that this would have happened had 9-11
    >not occurred?
    It appears that the possible contagion can be more closely linked to the
    9-11 events now that a note found on the scene points toward the kid being
    supportive of bin Laden. One can only wonder how many people out there with
    access to small planes have some not so good ideas floating around in their
    heads. This incident doesn't appear to have any al-Quaida connection that
    I've heard of, but maybe the events of 9-11 could have had some influence on
    the kid.

    It's chilling. There was a time right after 9-11 when I couldn't help being
    a bit nervous when I saw small planes flying overhead. Previous to 9-11 such
    common sights such as small non-commercial private planes didn't even
    register, but now there might be some sort of "distinction "meme"" (*sensu*
    Brodie") thingy going on where those images of the planes hitting the WTC
    and the towers collapsing had resulted in my being more aware of aircraft
    traffic from a local airport. It's not as bad for me recently, though this
    incident may renew my concern, but I often wondered what sort of ideas may
    be floating around in the heads of the pilots as they crossed the road I was
    driving on overhead.

    I think this most recent incident outlined below with the images I've seen
    where the plane is hanging off the side of the (apparently) barely damaged
    building might show that these small planes aren't much of a threat at least
    not like big airliners full of fuel.

    Speaking of "distinction "memes"", has anyone noticed increased reporting of
    small plane crashes, in general, on the news subsequent to this event?
    >from BBC; Jan 6, 2002
    >A 15-year-old boy has died after the small private plane he was flying
    >crashed into the side of a skyscraper in Florida.
    >The teenager was supposed to be having a practice flight, but took off in
    >the single engine Cessna without permission, crashing into the 28th floor
    >the Bank of America building.
    >As the young pilot, Charles Bishop, started his usual flying lesson, his
    >instructor told him to do a pre-flight check and walked away: but instead
    >the boy took off.
    >Under-16s are not allowed to fly alone on the US, so the coastguard sent a
    >helicopter to stop the plane.
    >The teenager ignored the coastguard's signals to land, but it's not yet
    >known whether he flew into the building on purpose or couldn't avoid
    >The FBI say the crash is nothing to do with terrorism, but it's a reminder
    >of the 11 September attacks when two hijacked planes slammed into the side
    >of the World Trade Center.
    >Luckily there were very few people in the building at the time and no
    >were hurt.

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