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Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 20:38:53 GMT

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    Hi Grant Callaghan -

    >From the point of view of memetics, imitating behavior is what memes are all
    >about. It's built into us and is the foundation on which culture (and
    >consequently, memes) is structured.

    If all the imitation I was capable of during childhood was efficient and
    let me know what it was all about, I would not have actually _felt_ what
    love, and jealousy, and hatred, really did to me. Certainly none of the
    imitation of the behaviors concerning them led me in any way to knowledge
    about the emotions when they appeared, beyond a wispy acquaintance.

    I wonder that imitation, in any or all of its aspects, has anything
    whatsoever to do with real learning, and, moreover, if memetics has
    anything to do with anything.

    - Wade

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