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    >By the way about you own theory on memes.
    >People use memes as tools to accomplish certain goals, this is how they
    >are spread and why they are chosen, you write.
    >The point in memetics is who/ what does the choosin ' !?
    >Is it the you, the I inside you or is it the concept of evolving memes !?
    >I ask you this because if " you " choose the memes, the accomplishment
    >would be Lamarckian in process and that is something what is excluded
    >in memetics.
    >The same counts for ' all memes are acquired, used and passed on '.
    >Possible they are, but passed on in a none genetic way, that is.
    >Otherwise you will built a house without any scientific foundation.
    >That is the mainstream idea, but that is not my cop of thee, so tell me
    >more about your theory !?

    I'm glad you brought this up. As I said, the theory is my own but I can see
    more of a Lamarkian thrust to memes than a Darwinian one. The selfish meme
    seems like a foolish idea to me because people do choose the memes they use.
      They choose them as the best tool for the job they are using them to do.
    I could provide you with a few hundred examples off the top of my head, but
    I don't think we have room for it here.

    But the primary difference between memes and genes is the fact that genes
    actually create the bodies that use them while what memes create is the
    culture we use. But the method by which they create it is by the members of
    society making choices based on their immediate needs. These choices result
    in memes being created, borrowed or discarded in the process of living and
    socializing. I find the idea that memes choose us a case of genetics envy
    by people who see reductionism as the only way to solve problems in the
    social sciences. It has a Chomskian flavor to it. In addition, memes are
    not founded in molecules and quantum mechanics as genes are. I'll send you
    one of my diatribes on the subject in the near future.


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