Fw: Religious Thought and Lamarckism

From: Kenneth Van Oost (Kenneth.Van.Oost@village.uunet.be)
Date: Sat Dec 22 2001 - 20:58:31 GMT

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    Subject: Fw: Religious Thought and Lamarckism
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    > ----- Original Message -----
    > From: Wade Smith <wade_smith@harvard.edu>
    > Hi Wade,
    > I wrote, You wrote,
    > > > Lamarck's theory is misrepresented and misinterpreted.
    > > It's not a misunderstanding to remark that lamarckianism has no
    > > place in evolution. Culture _is_ lamarckian, and I would say
    > > that Lamarck was simply one person to notice the trends of
    > > cultural patterns, sheerly luckily getting his name attached to
    > > 'change due to need'.
    > Perhaps not in biological evolution, yet !
    > I just merely want to point out that Lamarckism does already has a place
    > in evolution ! Maybe with not that much impact as its Dawinian opponent
    > have, but like I said, the American society/ politics/ ideology/... is
    > Lamarckian orientated than for instance Europe.
    > Don 't you think that this does have important implications as well for
    > community itself as for ' evolution ' as such !?
    > Don 't you think that the much broader religious fixation about creation
    > which runs loose in the US, and already affects the ways how education
    > must be conducted, does not affect " cultural evolution " !?
    > ( If I understood it correctly, major efforts were and are in progress to
    > get
    > the creatonists- view into the class- rooms).
    > And if it does, don 't you than not think that such changed ways can
    > influence ' brain- making- gene- cells ' up to such a level that the bio-
    > logical signifiers change accordingly !?
    > It would take a while, accordingly to the Darwinian paradigm, and I
    > don 't say that will be the reason why the US differs from Europe in that
    > respect, but IMO, socio- political ideas based upon Lamarckism exist,
    > do have influence upon how people behave and do change in that context,
    > maybe, people biologically and, maybe, those changed cultural vibes do
    > affect their offspring .
    > And, again IMO, as Salice did point out in her remarks about the archi-
    > tecture- thread, maybe there is no Lamarckian ' need ' for culture, but
    > you never know what people are up to !
    > Their ' need ' to change the evolution of the American culture can be
    > inducted by Darwinian ways of selection, varation and mutation, but
    > that raises a major question, why should the natural evolution of things
    > ' select ' trends in thinking, education and behavior which don 't end up
    > Yeah, to spread more memes and kill off better the ones which are sitting
    > in their way, I understand... well like Bush always says, God bless
    > !
    > He knows damn good why, I suppose !?
    > Regards,
    > Kenneth
    > > Of course Dawkins and Darwin noticed these things culturally.
    > > Culture is all about needs and wants. Evolution is about fit.
    > > That we see confluence between these two processes is
    > > understandable. Culture is one of the things evolution has
    > > selected for us.
    > >
    > > But there was never and never will be any lamarckian _need_ for
    > > culture. The peoples with it, however, spread more and killed
    > > better.
    > >

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