Re: Religious Thought and Lamarckism

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Date: Sat Dec 22 2001 - 07:05:07 GMT

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    > > And a design is still a design whether it was created intentionally
    > > or by random mutation.
    > Nice try at that change in definitions....
    > While I like the design of a snowflake, nobody designed it, and
    > it isn't a design.

    Of course not. No one is suggesting that snowflakes are formed on the basis
    of snowflake blueprints tucked away in the depths of their latticework.
    There's no universal snowflake design, whether transcendent Idea or
    homuncular snowflakeplasm. Neither intentional design nor accidental.
    There's no division between the snowflake's formal essence and its
    phenotypic expression. This is an artificial division and has no place in


    > English sux.
    > - Wade

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