Re: Religious Thought and Lamarckism

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Date: Thu Dec 20 2001 - 12:41:02 GMT

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    Hi Kenneth Van Oost -

    >Is this a reason why Lamarckism seems to pop up in cultural evolution !?

    Cultural evolution is inherently lamarckian in process. Memes _can_
    change in situ, and do, whereas genes need the whole offspring thing to

    The illusion of design in nature is just that.

    But cultures and societies are indeed propped up by designed forces to
    ensure their continuance, and some of the experiments, like a strong
    heirarchy and an overencompassing religious justification for the ruling
    class, worked so well and in so many different places that they're still
    here, while design would try other systems, and does, in lamarckian ways,
    with laws and outlaws.

    Designing culture is what is so archly called memetic engineering, but
    the manipulation of a few or a thousand people is not a full force social
    experiment. Religions are. And of course, anything that is designed and
    changed within its life span is a lamarckian process.

    - Wade

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