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Date: Thu Dec 20 2001 - 03:15:38 GMT

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    >Hi everyone,
    >Just a quick apology for not having joined in lately. Lot's of
    stuff that's
    >interesting, and lots to comment on. I've just been frantic
    lately what
    >with my wife being ill (she's got a nasty case of gall stones),
    our exam
    >period happening at the moment (so lots of marking), and the
    prospect of
    >getting a new job (fingers-crossed!).
    >I shall be my useful butting in, irrelevant comment posting self
    in the New
    >Year. Have a good holiday period!

    Thanks Vincent, happy holidays to you and your wife too, hope
    she gets well soon.
    I also wish happy holidays to the rest of the club of course.
    I'm also sorry not to be able to participate in the discussions
    of the last few weeks. My work here as a post-doc in Berkeley
    absorbed the bulk of my time. I'll see what I can do and try
    to catch up in the (probably) `dead' period of the holidays.



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