Re: Darwinian Processes and Memes in Architecture

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Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 19:34:25 GMT

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    From: Wade T. Smith <>
    > >Cultural evolution is rightly based upon the differences which causes
    > >problems between people, but it will end if you dismiss any conflict
    > >between people, styles and ideologies,....
    > One has to wonder what sort of things wouldn't end in such idyll.
    > I think H. G. Wells and a few other science fiction authors did some
    > thought experiments along those lines.

    Hi Wade,

    << Nietzsche did too !
    If you dismiss any conflict possible you " de- nothinged " ( what a word !)
    the " to be " ( Heidegger), you make everything completely worthless_
    but everything, as a consequence, transforms itself than in some kind of
    The process of nihilism according to Heidegger, don 't end up into nothing-
    ness, there is still a " no -side " about nihilism possible.

    Meaning, the end wouldn' t end despite the fact there is nothing there !
    The existence of the nothingness is a fact just because of the existence
    of itself !
    The nothingness as such and as itself will never ceast to exist.
    I wouldn 't call this ydillic, but there you are !



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