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Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 12:18:55 GMT

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    Hi Kenneth Van Oost -

    >Our social/ cultural and religious behaviors make sex far more compli-
    >cated than it should be ( for propagation sake that is).

    I'm sure a rapist feels the same way, which is perhaps the core statement
    that that infamous book that came out a few months ago generated so much
    controversy over.

    >it makes you wonder if evolution is so blind to the future
    >as we think she is.

    Mate selection _seems_ not to be blind to the future, but, it's also
    largely a function of responses and behaviors that were selected for, not

    Like the good cliché says, put it to a committee to design, and you'll
    get a camel (or an SUV) where a horse (or a well-maintained society)
    would serve better.

    Yes, I do see the SUV as the most blatant and glaring augury of
    dissolution and disease in the social fabric....


    - Wade

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