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Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 09:56:27 GMT

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    Subject: Re: Definition please

    > > such a simple thing as sex to propagate !?
    > Speak for yourself....

    > What's simple about it?

    Hi Wade,

    Simple in the way of the coitus itself.
    All what lies before it ( rituals, patnerchoise, body decoration, ...) are
    indeed complex. Foreplay, what the partner likes or dislikes is due to
    trial and error, learning, variation and selection_ complex mindgames.
    We are ' not ' animals remerber ! We talk talk before the boom boom!!
    The coitus itself as one single fact is simple, what surrounds it before we
    ever come to that is complex.

    Our social/ cultural and religious behaviors make sex far more compli-
    cated than it should be ( for propagation sake that is).
    Sexual selection is a fact, it just seems such a waste of time to go thru'
    the rituals... I understand selection and the right genes on the right place
    is important, but it makes you wonder if evolution is so blind to the future
    as we think she is.
    The thing is, why making such complex systems; why integrating sexual
    selection/ selection pressures if you don t care about the result !?
    Why is one direction favourable above another if you are not goal oriented!?



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