Re: Darwinian Processes and Memes in Architecture

Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 21:53:29 GMT

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    Subject: Re: Darwinian Processes and Memes in Architecture
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    > Cultural evolution is rightly based upon the differences which causes
    > problems between people, but it will end if you dismiss any conflict
    > between people, styles and ideologies,....

    Yes, totally right. I don't want to dismiss this. But memetics should
    work on a higher level of abstraction, we shouldn't try to express
    our own tastes towards styles and ideologies, but observe other
    people's tastes and ways of expression and find relations there.

    Throughout all times there have been creative heads who
    expressed their discomfort with certain styles and ideas, now
    memetics should move one step further and look why people feel
    discomfort with ideas and styles and not just do the same thing
    that has been done for the last 3000+ years.

    > Memetics can play a role in any analyses, but I don 't think memetics can
    > be that objective that own tastes don 't influence the perspectives.

    Atleast one can try. With the help of statistic prove one could get
    further. Of course statistics can be faked but it's still better than
    just making statements. What good would a scientist be who
    would postulate a theory but give no (experimental) prove for it?

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