Re: Darwinian Processes and Memes in Architecture

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Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 21:18:17 GMT

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    > I actually don't think that they would get any genetic advantage but
    > certain genes/alleles they carry... are shared by lots of others.

    << Like I said, this is an expression of what lives within the upon religion
    based American society. In general, Americans are not aware of the " we "
    stuff, they think in general claims because they think what is best, better
    and go one better is universal_ from out their upon religion based way of
    thinking, tradition, current expressions, family,...are the cornerstones of
    any society.
    The hard lines, expressed as in Modernism do go them by. They all want
    America a paradise to be ( the American Dream), they see their actions,
    throughout the world, as a result of some kind of providence.
    They are so vain!

    America is trying to re- establish paradise. Modernism with its low
    information contents contradicts the religious/ ethical base where upon
    it is built. It is still like an island, encapsulated in its own history and
    America neither provides the physical/ psychological nor the emotional
    comfort for its citizins_ still the thought that everything is universal
    true is in
    The notions that ' white ' is still superior than black are in force.
    The notions that anyone who does not meet the expecations of the envi-
    ronment asks for a reproof are still in force.

    The language which Bush still uses in adressing the American people, and
    the world for that matter, is bulged with the rhetoric of war and vengance.
    That is not Modern, that is not how you express progress, that is no way
    seeing the future. America's threshold of understanding the rest of the
    is so low that it can 't even raise the thought that it views aren 't shared
    the lots of others!
    America is in pursuit of an utopion paradise. But it will never succeed if
    it klings onto its general claims.

    Cultural evolution is rightly based upon the differences which causes
    problems between people, but it will end if you dismiss any conflict
    between people, styles and ideologies,....
    Memetics can play a role in any analyses, but I don 't think memetics can
    be that objective that own tastes don 't influence the perspectives.



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