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Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 18:17:16 GMT

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    On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 04:56:29PM -0500, Julio Varela wrote:
    > Hello all!
    > I am still somewhat of a neophyte to the world of memes so
    > pardon my naivete and ignorance. I've reached a critical juncture in a
    > document I am writing and I realized that I've been claiming that memes
    > "experience" selection pressures without really backing this assertion
    > up. Do memes experience selection pressures?

    Everything that exists "experiences selection pressures" in the sense
    that things happen to it and within it some of which could cause it to
    cease to exist.

    > What are these pressures,
    > from an ontological point of view? Your input in answering this question
    > is greatly appreciated.

    One of the main types of selection pressures for memes is competing memes,
    eg alternative explanations.

    Robin Faichney 
    "It is tempting to suppose that some concept of information could serve
    eventually to unify mind, matter, and meaning in a single theory," say
    Daniel Dennett and John Haugeland. The theory is here:

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