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From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 10:09:28 GMT

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    From: Wade T. Smith <>
    > If that were a necessary survival adaptation within this environment, it
    > would have been selected for, but, it ain't. Some need for this function
    > was seen, socially (memetically, if you will), and so mathematics and
    > calculators, abacuses and the like, were invented, in that lamarckian
    > process we call creative design. But, since lamarckian processes don't
    > enter at gene level (and I still think there is no evidence that they
    > have or do), we still don't come into this world with an innate ease of
    > adding, or subtracting, large quantities.

    Hi Wade,

    Now you are saying that Lamarckism equals creativity !?
    And how do you see than its heredity, if like you say, Lamarckian processes
    don 't enter at gene level !?
    Do you see than the heredity as in Artefacts, or more as the inheritance of
    acquired ' experiences ' / ' emotional states'/ .... inspired by those
    artefacts !?
    Or something like la nature artificiel, or does it equals authenticity !?
    That would make sense to me.



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