Re: Selection pressures

Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 22:21:13 GMT

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    > up. Do memes experience selection pressures? What are these pressures,
    > >from an ontological point of view? Your input in answering this question
    > is greatly appreciated.

    As far as i know there aren't any agreed upon theories today, which
    explain in which way memes get selected or experience selection

    My view is that memes rely on two kinds of selection pressures:

    (1) media pressures (memes are limited to certain media
    limitations, certain smart or efficient uses of media can help their

    (2) human pressures (memes have to correspond to human's
    thinking ability and level of imagination, furtheron humans also
    select certain memes, some memes are considered more
    important than others (WTC-example))

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