Re: Darwinian Processes and Memes in Architecture

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Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 19:44:53 GMT

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    > Gain does not only mean money. I know that not many on this list
    > share my "memes are dna-slaves" paranoia but i think that's
    > exactly the reason which stands behind.

    Hi Salice,

    I get your point !
    You think that with their article the writers will get some genetic
    advantage !?
    That with their discomfort for Modernism they are trying to get just the
    opposite_ that we would ' return ' to a former state of constructing our
    dings and houses !?
    They express a certain appeal for the common good/ for the tradition/ for
    the traits and habits/ for the strict civilian life/ for conventional
    That in fact, their point of view is a conservative one !?
    Ok, I agree !

    But that must be than broadered, extended as it was an American cultural
    trait ! That is, underneath the broad American democratic themes lies always
    a religious bias. In a way they want to hold on to a certain status quo_
    their article they are trying at least not to expand the thoughts about
    Modernism ! They are trying to contradict by elaborating that this, with
    keeping the things simple, you loose out the complexity of beauty !?
    They are trying to set up a theological revival, that would indeed conjure
    wih what is happening throughout the US of today, but such a proces
    has been started a long time ago_ religion is intertwinted with American

    Like I said, they made some mistakes, some points do need clarification,
    some issues raised can be applied as points of discussion upon this list,
    but I don 't think that this was all intentional.
    On the other hand, keeping in mind that their memes are dna- slaves, they
    have no other way to write or even think about these things.
    The opposite would be more surprising.....



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