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    > On 12/10/01 23:31, Ray Recchia said this-
    > >Personally, the thing that I have always had trouble with is how a
    > >sophisticated organ like the brain has so much trouble
    > adding two three
    > >digit numbers together.

    And Wade said
    > If that were a necessary survival adaptation within this
    > environment, it
    > would have been selected for, but, it ain't. Some need for
    > this function
    > was seen, socially (memetically, if you will), and so mathematics and
    > calculators, abacuses and the like, were invented, in that lamarckian
    > process we call creative design.

    That need arose and arithmetic got selected for (memetically) when (If I recall 'The Third Chimpanzee correctly) we first had agriculture
    hence surpluses and a need to keep records - hence writing, and a major speed up of cultural (memetic) evolution

    >> >As I have said before though in the study of memes we should concern
    > >ourselves with the existence of a non-genetic evolutionary
    > system. There
    > >is nothing about evolution that requires consciousness.
    > But, IMHO, memetics does require consciousness.

    Alternative;y of course consciousness requires memes, and is a by-product therefore firstly of speech and tool-making and secondly of
    accountasncy and writing


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