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Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 13:57:17 GMT

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    On 12/10/01 23:31, Ray Recchia said this-

    >Personally, the thing that I have always had trouble with is how a
    >sophisticated organ like the brain has so much trouble adding two three
    >digit numbers together.

    If that were a necessary survival adaptation within this environment, it
    would have been selected for, but, it ain't. Some need for this function
    was seen, socially (memetically, if you will), and so mathematics and
    calculators, abacuses and the like, were invented, in that lamarckian
    process we call creative design. But, since lamarckian processes don't
    enter at gene level (and I still think there is no evidence that they
    have or do), we still don't come into this world with an innate ease of
    adding, or subtracting, large quantities.

    We can make damn good guesses, though.

    >As I have said before though in the study of memes we should concern
    >ourselves with the existence of a non-genetic evolutionary system. There
    >is nothing about evolution that requires consciousness.

    But, IMHO, memetics does require consciousness. I think it is pointless,
    and non-parsimonious, since genetics gets everything else done, to talk
    about memetic processes without consciousness.

    And since we have become a species that designs our environment (and
    designing our environment is memetic, yes?), memetics really does need to
    look at the human species as uniquely unique, and (face/model
    recognition) consciousness looks like a good divide, since memes are not
    a good divide, if those insipid tweety-lovers are wanting to give memes
    to anything....

    - Wade

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