RE: The selfish gene meme

From: Wade T. Smith (
Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 13:29:15 GMT

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    Second shot at this- don't know if it ever got through, not that it's
    saying that much, but the memetics list server has been doing some very
    strange things, at least to me....

    - Wade

    On 12/07/01 08:31, Price, Ilfryn said this-

    >> Virtually everyone on this list
    >> appears to occupy
    >> this space- whether as lay contributors or people who've put
    >> themselves into
    >> print on such issues like yourself. I wonder why....
    >A nice and I presume rhetorical question.

    The desire for consilience among the various sciences and disciplines,
    social, technical, and artistic, is a dangerous want. It's dangerous to
    the heirarchy. It's dangerous to the status quo. It's dangerous to tribal

    It's dangerous because it also needs full freedom of disclosure, and it
    educates everyone about everything.

    The internet, however, is such a strong environment for it, that it just
    might survive.

    And it's also dangerously apt to remain unfocused because it needs
    vision, and people with overarching vision are few, if not non-existent,
    these days, rare as they were ever.

    - Wade

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