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Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 13:31:30 GMT

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    >> Nice of you to say so Aaron. I think, however, that most social
    > scientists would/do baulk at the idea of memes, and cultural
    > evolution more
    > widely, partly because of the field's inherent suspicion of the hard
    > science's muscling in on their territory (I say 'their' only
    > because I don't
    > share my colleagues' suspicions), but also because amongst
    > the various terms
    > in social science that are not agreed upon 'culture' is
    > probably towards the
    > top of the list (up there with things like 'society' and
    > 'theory' and many
    > others actually). You can imagine from that, what "fun"
    > cultural studies is
    > as a field....

    Alternatively the social science memeplex, especially in (all) its 'post-modern' incarnation(s) does not like the evolution meme 'muscling

    That said there is a respectable 'academic' tradition of evolutionary S Science and some mentions of meme are appearing there
    and elsewhere.

    > It seems to me that the cultural replicator ideas, in all their
    > forms, seems to appeal most to people who have cross-disciplinary
    > interests/experience. Virtually everyone on this list
    > appears to occupy
    > this space- whether as lay contributors or people who've put
    > themselves into
    > print on such issues like yourself. I wonder why....

    A nice an I presume rhetorical question.


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