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    Hi Dace -

    >It has to be holistic. There's no way memory could have a single storage

    Holistic is one of those horrible words.

    Nothing _has_ to be holistic, nohow. Or everything is....

    It's a buzzy little newage word dripping with snot.

    The comment about memory and the way it seems to be stored in the brain
    was (AFAIK) holographic- meaning that great chunks of it can be removed,
    but a generally less resolute artefact remains, distinguishable, but
    possibly not complete or discernible enough to use accurately. This would
    coincide with evidence from eyewitness tests and testimonies, and most
    neurological studies that I'm aware of. Brain functions are also capable
    of taking over non-normal inputs- auditory regions can use visual
    signals, etc.

    Memory itself is simply a function of the brain.

    - Wade

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