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    From: Wade T. Smith

    > > How would we recognize a "memory" in the brain if we saw
    > > one? Moreover, how would we recognize its absence? In the
    > > sense that it's neither verifiable nor falsifiable, it fails to qualify
    > > as a scientific theory.
    > Sorry, but it's fairly well established, even scientifically, that
    > without a brain, memories don't happen. Recall is verifiable.

    What's verifiable is that a region of neurons is stimulated when a person
    reports the mental act of memory.

    I've already dealth with this point, Wade. That minds don't happen without
    brains means one of two things: 1. Minds are brains. 2. Minds are
    facilitated by brains.

    No one can say for sure it's the former. If it's the latter, then the
    reverse is equally true. Yes, brains make minds. But minds also make
    brains. We are self-determinative.

    > And we have 'seen' memories happen,

    And we have seen the Virgin Mary appear in the sky over Tijuana.


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