The selfish gene meme

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Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 16:33:12 GMT

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    Subject: The selfish gene meme
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    Thank you John for this example which for Andrew (he coined the term) and me is a example of a general phenomenon - lack of fidelity of
    meaning as a good trick (sensu Dennet)in meme replication space.

    'gene' is a selfish meme it seems.

    > >
    > Exactly this sort of confusion arises in the context of "gene" -
    > initially it was well-defined (by Johannsen, IIRC) as a Mendelian
    > hereditary factor (ie, anything that assorted in the
    > Mendelian ratio).
    > As the context broadened, it was gradually less exact, and
    > people had to
    > coin new terms like cistron, intron, codon, and the like to
    > become more
    > exact.


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