Re: Wilkins on the meme:engram relation

Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 01:31:48 GMT

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    Subject: Re: Wilkins on the meme:engram relation
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    In a message dated 12/4/2001 8:44:01 AM Central Standard Time, If Price
    <> writes:

    > Agreed and in the world of nobel prize winning thermodynamics precise
    > definition is a precondition of replication. In the world of internet
    > discussion and even the emergence of a research based study of memetics it
    > is less important. Evolutionary Theories of Social Science (ETSS)
    > have staggered along without agreeing what exactly it was that replicated
    > for a long time. Some, though not all, of the contributors to ETSS
    > <> are making the same suggestion.

    Hi If.

    I doubt that anyone here is looking for the kind of precision found in
    particle physics. We just want to find the greatest precision and the least
    confusion and least distraction with the terms available to us.

    > One can think of all sorts of vague ways
    > > that Gell-Mann
    > > might have coined a word, perhaps referring to almost any subnuclear
    > > particle, for instance. But if he had, then physicists would
    > > have probably
    > > ignored the term and some other term would have emerged in
    > > connection with
    > > very similar theoretical constructs.
    > That's part of the schema / meme plex of physics

    I would amost say that the quark plex is part of the schema of physics. Maybe
    I should write to Gell-Mann ... :-)

    --Aaron Lynch

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