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    If citing Gell Mann

    > > "In the case of societal evolution, the schemata consist
    > of laws, customs,
    > > myths, traditions, and so forth. The pieces of such a schema are
    > > often called memes"
    > >
    > > Gell-Mann, M. (1996) Address to the US National Defence
    > University http:// <http://>
    > >
    > >
    > > I read that as support for 'memetics' as short hand for
    > 'evolutionary
    > > societal schematics' and as Jojh pointed out a few messages back,
    > > there is more future in trying to design and apply various
    > approaches to
    > > such a science than worrying now about the precise definition of
    > > 'meme'. When (if) we knwo more we will find the right "neologisms".


    > Hi If.
    > I am not sure that Gell-Mann was trying to settle a
    > definition issue for
    > memetics. If he was, his use of the terms "schema" and
    > "schemata" become
    > important.

    I was not saying he was. Whatever we call them the replication of the kind of phenomena he was talking about is what interests me, and meme
    is as good a collective noun as any and the only one with its origins in a general theory of evolution.

    > That said, I will add that if Gell-Mann had made a mess of
    > the word "quark,"
    > quantum chromodynamics would most likely still have
    > developed, even if under
    > a different name.

    Agreed and in the world of nobel prize winning thermodynamics precise definition is a precondition of replication. In the world of internet
    discussion and even the emergence of a research based study of memetics it is less important. Evolutionary Theories of Social Science (ETSS)
    have staggered along without agreeing what exactly it was that replicated for a long time. Some, though not all, of the contributors to ETSS
    <> are making the same suggestion.

    One can think of all sorts of vague ways
    > that Gell-Mann
    > might have coined a word, perhaps referring to almost any subnuclear
    > particle, for instance. But if he had, then physicists would
    > have probably
    > ignored the term and some other term would have emerged in
    > connection with
    > very similar theoretical constructs.

    That's part of the schema / meme plex of physics

    > There may be areas of cultural evolution research that really need a
    > neologism corresponding to a specific theoretical construct
    > or concept. If
    > the word "meme" is used in those lines of research, I think
    > it will be
    > important for readers to be able to see that a neologism is
    > needed or at
    > least extremely useful for communication.
    ETSS has not yet (and may not) reached the stage of development / evidence where the space esists for the neoloogistic precison of quantum
    physics. Until it does Gell Mann's generalisation works for me.
    Reactions such as
    > the quote Scott
    > Chase gave us from Ernst Mayr suggest that many readers do
    > not see how the
    > word "meme" is necessary for good communication. That, in
    > turn, leads readers
    > into the whole distracting subject of "why coin this new
    > word?", which is
    > only a part of the distraction that has arisen around the word.
    Substitute 'concept' for meme in the quote above. It does not seem quite so precise somehow.


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