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            <I believe that there is a lot of evidence to indicate that if
    > portions of the brain are removed cognitive and emotional function are
    > impaired. It is possible that 'anxiety' does not map to an exact region
    > of
    > the brain, much in the same way that a program can be located in different
    > regions of computer's memory, but it is in the brain.>
    This is absolutely right.

    If you could remove the amigdala (spelling? I can never remember...)
    without damaging the rest of the brain, you'd have trouble experiencing
    emotions. Indeed, psychopaths show reduced activity in the amigdala
    offering a biological basis for their capacity to commit acts of cruelty and
    violence withour regret/remorse etc.

    Anxiety relates to levels of MAO in the brain- there's been work done on
    those who suffer from extremes with regard to anxiety- from those who are
    agoraphobic, to those who do extreme sports- levels of MAO are very
    different in such individuals.

    We've touched on these before on the list.

    I see that someone has recetnly argued that Ezekiel suffered from temporal
    lobe epilepsy hence all the weird visions and so on.

    I see little to suggest that we are hitting a brick wall in our growing
    understanding of the relationship between brain and mind. I certainly see
    little value in the no-mind or all-mind ideas that have been presented by
    some on the list.


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