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From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Sun Dec 02 2001 - 14:58:44 GMT

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    From: Philip A.E. Jonkers <>
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    > Look Scott, everything manually or intellectually made by humans can
    > be copied by other humans by construction of the concept of human being.
    > Therefore, everything made by humans is a meme. Although, meme-artifact
    > would be a better qualifier I think. Of course, I acknowledge skepticism,
    > hell I even love it myself, but one does need material to be skeptical
    > first.

    Hi Philip,

    I can 't agree on this. I understand your point, but not everything
    made can be copied.
    The memes I make up in my mind, as long as they stay there won 't be
    copied by anyone if I don 't allow them to.

    My mind is constantly making up new ideas, thoughts, interconnections
    between neurons are laid down, information is transfered from one place
    to another without any chance that someone else will copy it.
    Like Ted said, on a subconscient level ideas are being made, but only
    a small fraction will ever mature to be copied, everything else will vanish
    into time.
    From the things I have written down over the last few years you can extract
    maybe my ' intellect ' and those things can be copied, can be things from
    which interpretations can be drawn, but the intellectually way by which I
    have made those, can never be copied. That is all open to speculation.



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