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Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 14:34:39 GMT

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    on 11/29/01 11:13 PM, Joe Dees at wrote:

    >> Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 12:27:42 -0500
    >> Re: the hook Wade Smith <>
    >>> at least I've bothered to give neuroscience
    >>> serious consideration.
    >> And from where I sit, in an interested layman's chair, the more
    >> serious the consideration given to neuroscience, the more the
    >> meme vanishes, at least from the brain.
    > This is where we differ; I believe that further neuroscientific advances will
    > reveal to us more specifically the structure/function of individual cognitive
    > meme packets and their interplay within the greater gestalt of their host
    > brains as ecological wholes, and eventually furnish us with a few examples
    > (such as 'for Mr. Z., this is the configuration, charge, chemical makeup and
    > placement of this particular meaning-configuration in his brain'). You seem
    > to believe that such advances will merely explain it away, but give no hint of
    > what would be found to be there instead (and something must).

    Well, you could start with my book and see what we can do now in the
    specific arena of music. Granted, my position isn't the one you want to
    take, but right now it's the only neural position spelled out in any detail.
    & I've got something to say about the "ecological niche" aspect of the

    Bill B

    Bill B

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