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Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 00:25:54 GMT

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    > >I don't care about the sentiments of some romantics who don't `feel'
    > >confortable with the fact that anything man-made is memetic or not.
    > >Science knows no emotion, it studies it at best.

    > So someone skeptical of memetics is "romantic"? OTOH some are in love with
    > the meme meme. I thought science meant being critical of ideas and holding
    > them at arms length. I must be wrong.

    First of all, you all are going WAY TO FAST with this list. I'm terribly
    lagging behind. So pardon me if my replies are a little outdated already.

    Look Scott, everything manually or intellectually made by humans can
    be copied by other humans by construction of the concept of human being.
    Therefore, everything made by humans is a meme. Although, meme-artifact
    would be a better qualifier I think. Of course, I acknowledge skepticism,
     hell I even love it myself, but one does need material to be skeptical about


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