Re: Mutation and Selection

Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 18:13:24 GMT

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    > Like I said, that book ain't going to write on itself.

    Yes, have i said anything different?
    > And here- your definition covers vandalism, too-

    Mutation in the meme-space is largely dependent on
    humans actions. That was what i stated and i don't
    know really what you're trying to argue.
    > > You could rip out some of the buttons,
    > Again, my keyboard will not do that by itself.

    Have i said that?
    > And, via software configurations, I can alter the layout of my
    > keyboard to a Dvorak or a Japanese system. And this would not be
    > mutation, this is the designed usage of the artefact.

    > That the original creating artefacter has ceased to exist is
    > irrelevant. The artefact itself exists.


    > My storyteller point was
    > that his story does not exist when he dies. No recording or
    > memory of it exists.


    > Oral history requires telling. And, since,
    > in your explanation, cultural artefacts are the tools that
    > transfer ideas, memes are not required.

    My explanation is that memes are the tools for transferring ideas.
    Cultural artefacts are one special case.

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