Re: Mutation and Selection

Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 14:18:23 GMT

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    > >Cultural works actually can mutate (with human help) in place.
    > I'm sorry, but, please, show me something that does this. Anything.
    > Please.

    Well take a book, a pencil and draw in it.

    > Admittedly, it's a bit dustier, and that Moxie stain weren't there when I
    > bought it, but, otherwise, it's the same damn keyboard.

    You could rip out some of the buttons, it wouldn't be the same keyboard
    anymore. Some users actually do this because the windows buttons annoy them.

    > _If_ memes are only artefacts, then, there is nothing to _find_ in one.

    Artefacts are memes and memes are found in artefacts.
    If you think that only the book is a meme but everything that's written
    in it is not then please stop talking about usability.

    > >Memes are not products, they are the elements
    > >out of which ideas and products can be built.
    > Well, you are obviously completely on the side of the Mind-Only-Meme.

    No, i don't even think that memes are in the mind, i think the mind uses
    memes to transfer ideas between minds. Cultural artefacts are just a tool
    to transfer ideas from mind to mind, let it be that the original creating
    mind already ceased to exist.

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