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Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 06:07:46 GMT

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    From: Ray Recchia

    > In addition to our ability to observe our outside environment we humans
    > have senses that extend to our insides which tell us when we are full or
    > when we are hurt. We also have senses that allow us to be aware of what
    > think and how we feel. And although an assumption that other people think
    > and feel in the same manner is a bit of a leap, it is a leap that we are
    > genetically programmed to make and one that is essential for functioning
    > a human society. This whole mind/brain thing that people talk about in
    > such mystical terms is really pretty basic. When we talk about the brain
    > we speaking about observations made with our external senses, and when we
    > speak of the mind we are talking about our internal observations of our
    > state of being.

    External to what? Internal to what? Clearly, the brain is internal to the
    body. You must be thinking of something immaterial, spaceless, in relation
    to which the brain would be external. That would be the sort of thing we'd
    ordinarily refer to as "mystical," right?


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