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Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 01:19:45 GMT

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    Hi Philip A.E. Jonkers -

    >We first should arrive at some consensus on what definition is
    >appropriate for the meme such that it also incorporates also
    >those synaptic configurations in the brain that ultimately give rise to

    That sounds more like Microsoft's way of settling a case than anything
    remotely judicious....

    Not a, hmmm, you might be right, but, a hmmm, no matter if you're right
    or not, the only way out is through our door.

    What synaptic configurations? Without uniform representation (Gatherer's
    plausible point) where are we? There have been solid inroads in
    neurobiology (hell, I post a few here) that have done much, but, so far,
    have done much to underscore the sociobiologist, not the memeticist.
    Certain regions of the brain do seem to do certain things, but, we
    haven't changed biologically in millennia.

    But, I grant, it would be a tremendous help to know more.

    So, do we just wait around for a few decades until your settlement can
    possibly come to fruit?

    - Wade

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