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Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 00:54:46 GMT

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    Hi Ray Recchia -

    >However, your
    >artefacts still need to reproduce somehow if you are going to consider them
    >evolutionary replicators.

    No, new ones have to be made. And made again.

    >Imitation has
    >been tendered by behaviorists as a blanket method of explaining replication
    >in large part because they wanted to avoid having to delve too deeply into
    >the unknowns of the human mind.

    Not my fault they're taking the easy way out.

    >Otherwise you have no way of
    >distinguishing your artefacts from artefacts created by birds or

    That's more problematic, I'll agree. However, I think eyewitness
    testimony and patent attorneys will settle most of the cases brought
    against us by the wasps.

    >In the next few decades the human race will likely begin genetically
    >altering itself. This will make humans artefacts of themselves and thus by
    >your definition - memes.

    Yup, that's entirely a fact. What a brave new world it will be....

    >In closing, I would like to admonish you for having taken on the devil as a
    >client when fellow Massachusetts jurist Daniel Webster fought so hard to
    >defeat him in the early part of the U.S.A's development.

    Now, I know most lawyers are snakes. I'm a divorced father in
    Massachusetts- don't begin to start me up! And while I have never stated
    that I'm taking the devil's side, I don't think there's one single thing
    angelic about the memes-are-in-the-mind position at all.

    So, I guess I have to admonish you for taking on the angels as your

    - Wade

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