Re: Mutation and Selection

Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 22:12:00 GMT

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    > No, that is not the next question. (And I'm not sure questions
    > are the order....) Memes are not _found_ in artefacts. All memes
    > _are_ artefacts.

    I make the distinction because different people discover different
    memes in one and the same artefact.
    > You select them when you purchase, make, or use them.

    And what is the force behind it? What does a meme has to survive in?
    Know what i mean? I just want to get a bit more specific.

    > They are
    > 'born' (they don't mutate in situ, any more than you do) when

    Cultural works actually can mutate (with human help) in place.
    I think there was this project at where every visitor
    could draw into an existing picture, so it kind of gets reborn every
    time someone draws something new into it but actually it mutates
    in place.

    > Thus, to stay with wheel making, the available resources are the
    > environmentally obvious success of the wheel design, the
    > multitude of engineering and material studies and analyzations,
    > including the historical aptitude of basic machines as parts of
    > mechanical design, and the marketing profiles of the intended
    > consumer, in the case of engineering for profitable product, to
    > mention but a few.

    You seem to think of memes as commercial products. Just my
    impression, sadly. Memes are not products, they are the elements
    out of which ideas and products can be build. Products or
    cultural artefacts follow and express these ideas.
    They represent the memes which led to their construction.

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