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Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 21:03:19 GMT

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    > [AOM -] it's the only view which is not
    > unclear, confusing or cumbersome to use.

    Perhaps- that is why I'm staying behind its bunker for awhile....

    > So the next question is, if memes are only to be found in artefacts,
    > where and how does mutation and selection of memes happen?

    No, that is not the next question. (And I'm not sure questions
    are the order....) Memes are not _found_ in artefacts. All memes
    _are_ artefacts.

    You select them when you purchase, make, or use them. They are
    'born' (they don't mutate in situ, any more than you do) when
    they are made by the creative and cultural behaviors of the
    human (open to debate) species, who use available environmental
    resources. (Thus far, no-one has evidence of a meme produced by
    the supernatural, although several religiously-induced
    fabulations make mention of such artefacts.)

    Thus, to stay with wheel making, the available resources are the
    environmentally obvious success of the wheel design, the
    multitude of engineering and material studies and analyzations,
    including the historical aptitude of basic machines as parts of
    mechanical design, and the marketing profiles of the intended
    consumer, in the case of engineering for profitable product, to
    mention but a few.

    - Wade

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