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Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 19:22:56 GMT

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    From: Wade Smith <>

    > But also, like you said, there doesn't seem to be much
    > constraint about partner choice, either- cars covered in grass
    > and paintings using urine are not only possible, but have been
    > done. Buildings that look like animals. Houses made of beer
    > cans. Sexual analogy doesn't seem at all impossible with such a
    > range of activities and choices in both arenas.

    Hi Wade,

    Nice ! Very nice !!
    Seriously, there doesn 't seem to be mush constraint about partner choise,
    you write, not only that, they are nymphomaniac, they can 't get enough
    of the stuff ! How do we stop thinking !?
    On the other hand they are pervers, they ' use ' us for their pleasure !
    We are ' innocent ' children being manipulated and being abused.

    Just think, animals seems to have no constraint about their sexual life,
    do it all the time, anywhere.
    We do have constraints, more likely of a religious origin.
    How can we compare this with what we know already about memetical
    sex !?
    Are memes constraining the genes to get more sex on their own !?
    By the way, are these neural traces not homosexual !? After all, they
    do it with their kind, no !?
    Or do we pre- suppose a gender bias !?



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