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Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 18:22:33 GMT

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    > If the Pakistanis
    > get it so wrong and they live next door, you can imagine how
    > hard it is for
    > the US to understand the situation!

    Nobody's neighbor is perfect. Tribalism, wherever and whoever, is wrong.

    > Trying not to oversimplify, these differences are
    > what have led Pakistan, the USA, and the Saudis into the
    > difficulties they
    > now face. E.g., the Pakistani gov't tried to fit the Pashtun into a
    > fundamentalist Islamic identity, and overlooked the Pashtun
    > primal desire
    > for independence from Pakistan and the 'northern' and 'western'
    > parts of
    > Afghanistan, inhabited by Hazaris, Uzbeks and Tajiks.

    What would this country be like if we categorized every one by
    some arbitrary racial divide, the way, it appears, most of the
    rest of the world is happy and more than bloodthirstily capable
    of doing?

    Or is that the real reason most non-usanian peoples look upon us
    with hatred? Not because we think we're better in some way, but
    because we won't echo or act upon their own biases and hatreds?

    - Wade

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