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Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 16:37:44 GMT

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    > I did not imitate my father, or my mother- they had certain parts of
    > themselves which made me.
    > So you were born with language, common sociocultural behavior
    > and so on?


    Okay, maybe I was slightly unclear, but, yes, I was born into an
    environment that would nurture my speech development, and my
    sociocultural development, and I was born with the genetic
    material that would ensure that this development was possible,
    but, nowhere in the process of actually getting my actual
    physical being made was imitation a part.

    Ants are born into colonies, making their development possible.
    What can _your_ point possibly be, if it's anything other than
    trying to annoy me?

    Imitation is useless as an evolutionary process. It is
    meaningless. Evolution does not imitate. It selects. With sex,
    it can make large leaps for adaptations compared to copying
    errors or other mutations.

    - Wade

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