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Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 14:19:10 GMT

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    On 11/28/01 08:37, Vincent Campbell said this-

    >Memetics, to me, is about the artefacts that we produce that other organisms
    >on Earth do not, that allow us to have greater cultural capital than any
    >other organism.

    Snails could be said to produce artefacts, as could coral and termites
    and spiders and dung beetles. Memetics stays within these evolutionary
    processes and _might be_ saying there is a uniqueness to our cultural
    artefacts. That uniqueness would seem, to me, to be that we both keep
    them and let others use them. We make memes.

    But an economist might say that uniqueness would be because we sell them.

    And I'm sure other stances put the uniqueness where they want, too.

    - Wade

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