Re: Study shows brain can learn without really trying

From: Wade T.Smith (
Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 01:52:23 GMT

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    Hi Ray Recchia -

    >After all that work into my post the other night and it turns out it was
    >all bias-ridden, emotionally tied, totally faith assertions or
    >non-evidentially grounded assumptions.
    >I'm hurt Wade. I'm wounded.

    Ouch. I didn't mean to hurt, not at all. In fact, with your examples of
    possible artefacts among chimps, I was glad to see your balance and

    Jeez.... Did you not read my reply?

    However, this is a debate side I'm on. Like a lawyer, I've got a client,
    and it's the AOM, the artefact-only-meme, and at the moment it's paying
    my fee, well, so to speak.

    >The next book on my list of things to read is 'The Origins of Order' by
    >Stuart Kauffman (1993). Anybody here read it? I'm only ten pages in but it
    >is looking good so far.

    Since disorder has been pointed out so many times throughout all of
    history, it would be nice to see where the attempt to put a hold on it

    However, I'm still halfway through Guns, Germs and Steel at the moment.

    - Wade

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