Re: Study shows brain can learn without really trying

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Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 01:17:43 GMT

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    Hi Wade

    On November 27, 2001 you wrote:

    >Again, being strict. And again, so far, I can discern no logical
    >argument to sway me. Interesting, as I have only disinterest in
    >this position, and am adopting it as an experiment. So far, it's
    >holding up, while the objections seem bias-ridden and
    >emotionally-tied, if not totally faith assertions or
    >non-evidentially grounded assumptions.
    >- Wade

    After all that work into my post the other night and it turns out it was
    all bias-ridden, emotionally tied, totally faith assertions or
    non-evidentially grounded assumptions.

    I'm hurt Wade. I'm wounded. However I'm above name calling and therefore
    won't refer to you as a meme nazi, artefacist, or chowder head. I hope you
    can properly appreciate my self-restraint. ;P

    The next book on my list of things to read is 'The Origins of Order' by
    Stuart Kauffman (1993). Anybody here read it? I'm only ten pages in but it
    is looking good so far.

    Ray Recchia

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