more circular logic

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Date: Tue Nov 27 2001 - 21:09:10 GMT

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    > The trick he uses is that he makes more rotations than everybody
    > else.

    His cadence is very high, yes. Not so much a trick as a
    endurance issue. Smaller radius cranksets seem to help this, as
    a study in Bicycling magazine bore out.

    Not so long ago, a 'bio-energetic' crankset was designed by
    Shimano, and they called it Bio-pace, which had non-circular
    gears. One can see a relatively exaggerated form of this system
    in some gym equipment. The attempt was to use the different
    forces that the legs generate as they push and pull on the
    pedals. (In serious cycling, the feet are attached to the pedals
    via straps, cleats, or some other fastening system, and both
    downstroke and upstroke count.) Bio-Pace was, however, not to
    prove a popular option- people complained about the 'strange'
    feeling it gave them.

    Circles are good things.

    - Wade

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