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Date: Tue Nov 27 2001 - 20:19:18 GMT

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    > And IMO, sex has not to be physical !

    Well, speak for yourself, please....

    Entertaining a sexual component to memetics is a prankish thing
    probably- and perhaps too much of a analogy with genetics, in
    that, since evolution has found sexual replication to be an
    advantageous thing, I was thinking that memetics should possess
    such a mechanism also. Hell, I was also thinking that since sex
    is so necessary anyway, there must be something of it in
    memetics, which is so necessary in this time to cultural

    But it may well, as you say, be part of the cognition involved
    with considering ideas in the first place.

    Are some things combining in memetics the way some things are
    sexually in genetics? Maybe not. And, like you also mentioned,
    there has to be a compatibility issue as well- meme A might not
    be mutatable by combination with meme B- different species of

    But also, like you said, there doesn't seem to be much
    constraint about partner choice, either- cars covered in grass
    and paintings using urine are not only possible, but have been
    done. Buildings that look like animals. Houses made of beer
    cans. Sexual analogy doesn't seem at all impossible with such a
    range of activities and choices in both arenas.

    But to make a meme, one has to actually do it, and doing it, is,
    well, (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), what it is....

    - Wade

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