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Date: Tue Nov 27 2001 - 19:06:30 GMT

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    From: Wade T.Smith <>
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    > Coming down on the side of artifact memes (and artifact memes only),
    > don't seem to me to be heretical at all- in fact, I'm pretty sure it's
    > one of only three choices that are available- either memes are inside, or
    > outside, or some combination of the two. After wrestling with various
    > explanations of all three, and then wrestling with the way they interact
    > with other models of life, the universe, and everything, I cut out the
    > crap with Occam's razor, and I was left with choice number one- memes are
    > outside and artifactual, period. What's inside is something else. Human
    > evolution requires sexual reproduction, and the only way memetic
    > evolution could happen would require a sexual component as well.
    > And, so far, sex is physical. And so far, memes are physical. Interior
    > sex is, well, impossible. Lust as much as you want in your heart, but, it
    > won't make a child.

    Hi Wade,

    Interesting point this !

    Memetical sex !? 2 lines of thought could be attracted to eachother due
    to differences in their individual isomorphism, I don 't know !
    But, anyway, ' sex ' is possible, 2 lines of thought would produce
    in the sense they give birth to a new line of thought, to a new idea, a new
    skill, new experience, a new form of communication.

    But, it is a kind of orgy in our head, and memes or neural connections are
    not monogamous, they do it with any other neural trace.

    And IMO, sex has not to be physical !
    Remerber nuns have some spiritual connection with god. Some of them
    have even a sexual relationship with their lord, even orgasms.
    But most of the time the relationship stays non- physical.
    Believing is having sex... as I remerber the saying rightly.



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