Re: Study shows brain can learn without really trying

Date: Tue Nov 27 2001 - 17:49:32 GMT

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    Subject: Re: Study shows brain can learn without really trying
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    > While I could waffle off my perch, and declare that the motion
    > of the air and the sound waves you create are artifactual
    > products of your behavior, I still need to actually handle a
    > meme, to use it, to produce mutations, and so far, mutating the
    > air does nothing memetically, although it might crinkle your
    > nose.

    You can use it and also produce mutations the same way you can
    from a film. It does make no real difference whether you watch
    a film or the direct real life behavior.
    > And, I'm sure we've all seen quite animated behaviors among all
    > sorts of people and animals, lots of sound and fury, but, alas,
    > nothing to grab onto afterwards.

    Yes, and we've seen the same (and much more than in real life) in films.
    > And, yes, I turn to music, which also can and cannot be a meme.

    I guess your point is that music has to be recorded to be a meme?
    Well that's bullshit. You can copy tunes by just hearing them from someone
    What do you think about radio? Imagine you hear a song and you'd first
    consider it to be a meme because the song is recorded, then you find
    out that it is a live broadcast of a band playing. Suddenly it's not a meme
    anymore? Bullshit.

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