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Date: Tue Nov 27 2001 - 14:05:18 GMT

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    On 11/26/01 23:09, Joe Dees said this-

    >My view is option #2; that memes possess a lifecycle that includes both
    >internal and external components (L-meme + G-meme); they mutate, or not
    >(are stored) mainly within people - and in things like books and
    >databases, which are external memory and copmmunication aids, are
    >propagated between people and are selected for or against within other

    Kind of like an insect's metamorphosis, then, lying in pupal stage in the
    mind after being deposited there by the adult, and, somehow, emerging
    into a behavior.

    Not viruses of the mind, but maggots.

    - Wade

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