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Date: Tue Nov 27 2001 - 02:38:05 GMT

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    Hi Ray Recchia -

    Incredible post, and highly valuable. Thanks. The whole two-sided coin of
    emotion-tinged animal studies is intensely stimulating. I remain in my
    skepsis on the edge, willing to say yes it's all the same, or no, it's
    only instinct, but the balancing is exhilarating, not tiresome. I've
    attended lectures by Marc Hauser on a couple of occasions. Fascinating

    >Human recognition of E=mc2" was the result
    >of an evolutionary process and therefore should be part of a memetic study
    >and the only realistic way to talk about it is by recognizing its internal

    I like to think that arriving at the reality of how the universe works by
    finding such elementally gorgeous metaphors as E=mc^2 is a dance of the
    internal and the external. Regardless of the possible sharing of
    emotions, we are still the only animal that records our observations of
    the universe, and ourselves.

    >My real bottom line, despite having wasted a few hours on this today is
    >that I really don't care all that much about definitions. I'd much rather
    >just study the research. Definitions will become refined as data

    Whereas I like definitions, especially useful and unique ones. Pity I was
    born into an english speaking society.... And, I don't do research. But,
    I like to read about it, at least the ones I can understand, and
    definitions help me to understand. This debater's game I'm playing with
    'meme' is useful to me, clearing things up. It may all sort out very
    differently than how it started- I'm not emotionally attached to either
    side, or even the middle. My bottom line is, at its best, curiosity.

    Not to mention enlighteningly cogent and friendly discourse.

    - Wade

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