Re: Study shows brain can learn without really trying

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Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 13:58:53 GMT

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    On 11/26/01 07:18, said this-

    >Your original statement was
    >that behavior has nothing to do with memetics.

    Nope. My original statement was that a meme is only a physical artifact.
    There is plenty of behavior involved with making and using that artifact.

    >Consider a film as an cultural artefact.

    No need to consider. It is.

    >Then - what difference does it make to [see] that
    >behavior from a film or a from an actual living person in front of me?

    None. That film is a recording of an actual living person in front of
    you. Whether you _want to try_ to behave the same way is another matter.
    The cultural environment of the theatre and the film itself might prompt
    you to want to try. Your relationship with the actual living person in
    front of you might also. These are complex stimuli. Make your meme if you
    want to. Maybe I'll like it- if you show it to me. But you have to show
    _it_ to _me_.

    >Well i thought you were thinking about natural environment.

    I was. I fail to see in what way culture is not part of the present
    natural environment. Are we aliens? Is Coca-Cola from another dimension?

    - Wade

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